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tym_spyder's Journal

26 July 1966
I sprang forth from the howling Xaos, given form by my belief that I was real. My father the raging tempest of emptiness and nothingness that is XAOS ... my mother the perfected Gnosis. In the mortal realms I have attended many places of wisdom and knowledge, and dabbled in many forms of expression.
Music remains my favorite. I no longer have a place within the economy of this realm and scratch out a living however I can. I used to have a thriving business dealing with pet grooming, but there was a misunderstanding with a chihuahua and I had to fire the midget dance team. I got them a job cleaning up messes through time ... hope they do ok and don't give into their bandit-like tendencies.
Some people call me "last scion" whatever that means, and poke and prod me like a lab rat, but mostly I just try to learn all I can before this tenuous frame rots off me and I have to go back to the Xaos thense I came. Some people think the best thing about this place is the produce ... I think it is the coffee.
I like this place but have dreams of another world and a black tressed azure-eyed woman that calms me. In my heart I find love in her eyes and in my soul I know that place is HOME. A home with dual suns, low majestic mountains, and 13 cities under vast geodesic domes. It is here I was born, and it is here I shall make my final stand 'ere my full course is run.

October 24th .... Happy 21st!!!!!!

Lovely Yazmin:
Lovely Yazmin